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We listen to what people say

To create pertinent brand strategies

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Turning talk
into action


Social First

Since 2018, 65db is TBWA's social first agency A group of more than 80 talented people who help companies to spark engaging social conversation about their brands, both in France and around the world.

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turning talk Into action
Data & insight

We listen to, process and analyse social conversations.


We develop strategies inspired by actual facts.


We create content, activations and drive engaging conversations.


We think about amplifying and building media coverage for our strategies via influence marketing and paid content.

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6 5 D B

the conversations

Listen to social media, and you hear the world.

The agency that listens the most to the word: this phrase makes sense for an agency whose core methodology is listening to social media.

We are passionate about listening to what people spontaneously say and post on internet without guidance.

We are convinced that what matters today is not how brands define themselves, but what people say about them.

Inspired by actual facts

Because we have an in-depth knowledge of trends and a keen understanding of a society that is constantly evolving, we propose social media strategies that are rooted in reality, to deliver ever more creative plans.

We bring consumer-centric content to life and lead conversations that will connect your brand to its audiences. Whether it’s in the form of daily social media posts or key messages, we make sure that all types of creative content will cut through the noise and increase engagement.

Social Media First

Social media has its own culture and conventions. Our goal is to help our clients make the best use of them. Far from making social media an end in itself, we make sure that our creative content is rooted in reality in order to achieve our objectives.

There are a thousand ways to approach a subject. But there are not a thousand ways to make it interesting for people. This is our method of approaching content strategy: how to tell stories that engage your audiences.

Know your audiences to reach them more effectively

At a time when social media platforms are no longer free and no longer guarantee us engaged audiences, we need to rely on additional levers to give meaning and visibility to your words.

We can provide you with the best solutions to achieve your objectives through recommendations, targeting, campaign set-up, monitoring and performance measurement and our 360° vision of campaigns: